Things to Note When Choosing a Data Annotation Outsourcing Company

Nowadays, we humans rely too much on technology since it is making our life much easier. But you cannot deny the fact that technological advancements aren’t possible without humans. Similarly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models require human intelligence to perform the assigned task. Data annotation is the process of making AI models identify and understand the objects easily and quickly. Annotated data finds its application in self-driving vehicles, drones, etc.

The quality and performance of the AI system are directly proportional to the training dataset. A properly annotated or labeled data will let the ML model quickly and precisely understand behavioral patterns and respond to human decisions. Many companies depend on quality output that will help them in becoming more efficient and organized. This is when data annotation outsourcing companies come into the picture! Now, let us discuss the points to consider before choosing an outsourcing partner.

Make your requirements clear

With a lot of data annotation outsourcing companies available in the market, it is important to choose the one that provides the best service. Before you approach a service partner, make sure you understand the project well and keep your requirements and expectations clear. Get to know the services they offer and their capabilities beforehand to avoid confusion. Define the objectives of your project, your needs, timelines, quality metrics, and other parameters. Gathering all the required information about the service agencies will make the process of shortlisting easy.

Assess data labeling companies

The next step after defining your goals and objectives is to evaluate data-labeling agencies. Take the below-mentioned requirements into account when selecting data labeling providers:


In today’s technology-driven world, we have tools that simplify every task. Similarly, data labeling also makes use of the latest tools to complete tasks quickly without compromising on quality. When you outsource a data labeling tasks, you can either provide your existing software to the annotators or simply depend on other third-party tools that are currently available. It is vital to check whether the service provider has access to all the tools and technologies to gain higher ROI.


The first and foremost thing you expect from your service provider is quality. For any outsourcing company, it is a must to have highly skilled, well-trained, and knowledgeable annotators to achieve the expected quality. The outsourcing agency should make you feel confident that your data is in safe hands. An adept worker will quickly understand the project and be responsive and flexible to workflow changes. Communicating directly with the annotators will help in getting firsthand information and avoid possible human errors.


Quality comes with experience. That is why it is important to hire experienced people with prior domain knowledge and expertise. Make a quick check on their industry experience, credibility, and company background. You can even ask for the projects that the company has worked on previously, the types of languages they support, and security certifications. Errors can be avoided in the first place by focusing on accuracy and paying great attention. Because mistakes can amass and lead to delays and financial loss. Hire a highly experienced worker who prioritizes quality and avoids common mistakes.

Data security

Outsourcing companies are responsible for the security of your data. Your data should be processed in a secure working environment that is free from security breaches. An outsourcing agency must heed data protection and employ professionals who safely handle your data since breaches are due to man-made errors. Your service partner should have the latest encrypted system as hackers find it easy to attack poorly-encrypted systems. Ensure they follow all the security regulations and verify their security certifications. Ultimately, it is you who have to take the final call in selecting a service provider. Keep this in mind and choose the one that will value the security of your data.


Data annotation and labeling isn’t a simple task. It is time-consuming and involves a lot of processes. Outsourcing data labeling tasks can shoulder the burden and help achieve great results. Springbord is one of the top data labeling companies that can make the annotation task easier for you. Talk to us today to know more about our expertise and how we can help your business outshine.

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