Why Should You Outsource Manual Data Labeling Services

Labeling data is crucial for machine learning models. Data has to be labeled or annotated to the highest levels of quality and accuracy. When we talk about quality, the one question that arises in everyone’s mind is how to achieve it? There are ways to get quality outcomes – automation, utilizing in-house employees, and outsourcing, to name a few. Among these methods, outsourcing proves to be more effective and profitable. Because in-house employees have to be trained before employing them in the process and automation requires algorithms that are perfect and accurate. Outsourcing data labeling to an agency will help save you a lot of effort, time, and money. Professionals at these companies will have relevant domain knowledge and expertise and can deliver high-quality output with speed and accuracy. Let us now further learn the benefits of outsourcing manual data labeling services.

Delivers quality output

We just discussed that a manual data labeling service would help to get quality output while also maintaining speed and accuracy. When you outsource the task, the firm ensures the team understands the requirements and guidelines well, and they perform all quality checks before delivering the output. The trained and skilled employees at these agencies are capable of even processing large volumes of data without compromising on quality. Also, they directly interact with the clients to stay aware of the updates and process changes and immediately take appropriate actions. This way, they ensure the process is free of human errors and is 100% accurate.

Equips professional annotators

Only adept personnel can handle the task better and deliver an error-free output. Outsourcing firms are equipped with adepts who have apposite experience and expertise and can manage projects at any scale. In contrast, an in-house employee has to be given proper training to carry out the required task, which involves a lot of time and money. Utilizing in-house employees without relevant domain experience for data labeling projects can lead to severe consequences like delay in project completion, low-quality output, disrupting workflow, etc. This, in turn, can affect your company’s credibility and reputation, making you lose existing and potential clients.

Complies with the latest security standards

We all take privacy and security seriously when it comes to data. It is quite a challenge for in-house employees and automated services to comply with the existing requirements since it needs frequent interruptions and updates in the background. Outsourcing eliminates security breaches by using properly-encrypted and updated systems and employing well-trained and experienced resources. Also, these agencies have access to all the latest tools and security protocols, unlike automation, which demands purchasing new software and tools that can cost you an arm and a leg.

Negates risk and optimizes workflow

Automating labeling services may look simple and easy. But it is quite complicated as it requires accurate datasets to train the models, expensive tools, and time to constantly update the system. The professionals at the agencies have the ability to process large volumes of data while optimizing the workflow and negating the risk. They are also customizable and scalable, which means you can expand the team when there is a surge. The resources are responsible for everything processed in their working environment and are liable to respond to requests immediately.


Having considered all the benefits, outsourcing data annotation and labeling is undoubtedly the practical option for companies that depend on in-house workers who are already engaged with other work. Outsourcing labeling services avoids any possible risk and adds value to your business. The experts working at these firms help reduce overhead costs, streamline the workflow, and are capable of handling even complex tasks. Outsource your data labeling and annotation services to a specialist like Springbord. Be it a large or small annotation project, we embrace every new opportunity and work towards taking your business to new heights.

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